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Does my child need OT?

And what is OT? Where do I even begin?!

Picture it: I'm standing in my pediatrician's office for my child's annual check up - they're firing questions at many words is he saying? how much screen time is he getting? is he sitting, rolling, crawling, pulling to stand..(insert appropriate milestone here)...etc? do you have any concerns?


YES! Yes, I have concerns.

My child isn't meeting his milestones. My child has severe meltdowns when I take him to public places. The meltdowns have become so severe I stay home most days to avoid the stares. Sometimes his clothes seem to bother him so I started cutting the tags out of his shirts. And he doesn't have a great diet because he seems to avoid certain textures.

Do these thoughts resonate with you?

Do you wonder if your child is on track? Are you concerned with their development - social, emotional, physical? Maybe they are falling behind in school or they can't seem to figure out how to hold a crayon or manipulate their scissors.

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you may want to consider requesting a referral from your pediatrician for an Occupational Therapy Evaluation. An OT eval will assess your child's fine motor skills, sensory processing abilities, and visual motor integration (how their eyes and their bodies work together to complete tasks).

An Occupational Therapist is a highly skilled holistic practitioner that specializes in development. They will work with you and your child to assess areas you are concerned about and then collaborate with you to come up with measurable, attainable, realistic goals. They will help your child utilize the skills they already possess as building blocks for more complex skills.

If your child qualifies to receive Occupational Therapy services the therapist will work with your child in their school setting, in your home or in a clinic.

If that sounds awesome (IT IS!) then this next part is going to blow your mind...OT is FUN! OTs use PLAY as a tool to engage your child. Your child won't even realize they're doing work! All they know is they are doing puzzles, racing through obstacle courses, swinging, jumping, and climbing! What child wouldn't benefit?

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