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Hobby Lobby Easter Basket Guide

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Looking for Easter Basket ideas that are developmentally appropriate, focus on skill development and don't contain sugar? I got you covered. I visited Hobby Lobby and here are some of my favorite items:

This was a cute Hobby Lobby find. I love any kind of tongs because when a child uses them it simulates the motion necessary to open and close scissors.

These tongs were made to assist with dyeing eggs without dyeing your hands - but could be used for several activities. These could be used to pick up pom poms or other small items. Give them to your child during an Easter egg hunt and tell them all the eggs they find have to be transferred into their basket using the tongs.

Another super cute find! This dinosaur comes with a little screw driver attached. My son is very into dinosaurs right now, so this was definitely a score.

I love this toy because it works on several fine motor skills: dexterity, hand strength, grasp development and bilateral coordination (using both arms together).

$6.99 for this dinosaur and they had other shapes too!

My son is into dinosaurs and my daughter is into ponies and unicorns, so this adorable egg decorating kit found it's way into my cart.

This kit is a fun way to allow your child to be creative while they develop their fine motor skills. It's also not as messy as traditional egg dyeing.

$4.99 for this one!

This sticker sheet was another Hobby Lobby win. $2.99 for 4 sheets of stickers to decorate eggs.

Sometimes I have children paint with Q-tips to work on pincer grasp and strengthen those tiny muscles in the hand. These color snaps work on those same skills. $2.99 for 5 colors. Check package for age recommendations.

I loved cross scratch art when I was a kid. So I was super happy when I came across these Easter themed crosses.

If you've never done scratch art - they come with narrow wooden scratching tools. You simply scratch across the surface of the craft to reveal the colors underneath. You can add designs, write letters or create shapes. These ones can be turned into necklaces when completed.

This one is good for older kids who may be harder to buy for.

I found similar sets on amazon for $6.90 for 24 crosses. Here is the link:

Here is another cute activity for older children (ages 7 and up). This kit comes with supplies to make 2 magnets. A small tool is included in the kit to place the rhinestones in the designated areas.

This activity will work on fine motor skills, visual motor skills and attention!

$4.99 for this kit.

This one is not Easter themed, but still fun! These are individual LED lights that go on your child's fingers. Turn off the lights and let them make light designs on the ceiling or wall.

This works on finger isolation, hand strength and vision skills, such as tracking.

$2.99 for 4 colors.

Hope this inspired you to be creative with your child's Easter baskets! Stay tuned for the Target Dollar spot Easter basket guide.

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