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How to Overcome Your Fear and Quit the "Buts"...

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

"Fear is a magnificent compass pointing in the direction of everything you desire" - Jen Sincero

I was in a mom group last night and a fellow mom posted about starting a business that had been on her heart for a long time. The response was incredible. So many other moms started commenting and saying they, too have wanted to start a business.

Something struck me about this conversation, every time a mom said they had this wonderful dream it was followed by a "but". "But I couldn't figure it out"..."But I don't have time".....but, but, but.

Why so many 'buts'? Then it hit me, they are scared. The fear is palpable.

The quote at the beginning of this blog was said by the incredible Jen Sincero on a podcast I was listening to recently. You may know Jen from her "You Are a Badass" books, and if you don't, drop everything, hop over to Amazon and get her book immediately.

In her book Jen talks about purpose. Every living being on the planet has a job to do. A seed starts in the ground and grows into something magnificent. A caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly. Bambi grows into an incredible antlered buck. The point is that we are all supposed to blossom into something more, something amazing. We are not meant to stay put, we are meant to move forward into the best version of ourselves and fulfill the purpose we were placed on this earth to fulfill.

But many of us don't because we are scared. We allow that fear to paralyze us. We remain in our current reality because it's familiar and there's nothing scarier than the unknown. I can't write a blog, people will read it and judge me. I can't start a business, I have no idea where to start. I can't, I can't, I can't!

But I have a question for you. Have you ever made a huge life changing decision without a certain level of fear? Were you not scared when you graduated high school and your day to day status quo suddenly no longer existed? Were you not scared when you accepted your first "real job"? Were you not scared when you got married, found out you were pregnant, started your family?

Many wonderful, incredible things start in a place of total and complete fear. Why do we allow fear to be something that hinders us rather than drives us forward?

When you think of the thing that makes your stomach churn, your heart race and takes your breath away....and we all have that one thing...imagine moving on to the next step. Move past the point of paralysis and imagine just taking one baby step. Maybe it's a google search, maybe it's a phone call to someone who has already done it, maybe it's finally starting your business plan. Conquer that step and then move on to the next, and the next, and the next. Step by step.

"Success is a muscle" - Jen Sincero

Muscles need to be used or they atrophy. Are you going to control your fear or are you going to continue to allow your fear to control you?

I like to issue challenges because I want people to take action. So I'm issuing you a challenge - I want you to tell me what is on your heart, what you have been wanting to do but have been too scared to. Write it in the comments, DM me, email me, but then I want a follow up email. I want to know what step you took toward that goal.

If you choose to accept my challenge (and you should) in return I will do something I've been afraid to do and I will allow you to hold me to it. I have been avoiding videos, fb lives etc because I am uncomfortable in front of the camera. If I can get 20 people to accept this challenge I will make myself step outside of my comfort zone and make a video.

"You open yourself up to the unknown when you surrender" - Jen Sincero

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