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How to Plan a Unique First Birthday Theme

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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you go through my links and make a purchase, I receive a commission. However, I posted these links because I actually used and loved these products!

Here at The Tot Spot we recently hosted the most unique birthday party, yet.

Get this - the theme was...SLOTHS! How cute and unique is that?

I was able to find all of the decor on Amazon and even had a real sloth come!

I started creating the feel for the party with a balloon garland, naturally.

I chose to stick with "Jungle, Earthy" colors - browns, greens, blues and yellows. I would recommend blowing up your balloons in all different sizes to fill in holes and make the garland look more complete. We will be sure to do that next time!

Balloon garlands can be intimidating but there are tools to help. The first time I created a garland I blew up the balloons manually and tied a ribbon between two chairs. It worked, but it took forever and I nearly passed out from the lack of oxygen to my brain.

I smartened up and decided to make the process a little easier. The first thing I did was order an electric balloon pump. This thing is a game changer. Very easy to use - I had my niece help out and she had no problem!

Here is an affiliate link #ad:

I then typed "Balloon Garland" into the search bar and found a bunch of kits. I bought this strip:

#ad If you decorate for parties on the regular, you NEED this.

Next, I searched for themed party boxes and found a sloth set. I've linked it below. You can find an all-in-one party box in almost any theme!


I love hanging items from the ceiling to direct your eyes upward, I also love themed table cloths, they really bring the whole party together.

After I went through the party box, I decided it just wasn't enough. I really wanted a full jungle theme, so I decided to add vines and found these:

We added some lights and sloths:

I also wanted more "birthday vibes", it was a birthday party after all. So I added this banner:

I also love to play with lighting for parties. I dim the ceiling lights and turned on colored lights. For the Sloth party I chose green to go with the jungle feel. Unfortunately, I forgot to grab a picture of the lights turned on.

Here is a light that is very similar to the one that we use:


Next, we needed some themed cupcakes. I ordered these from the Dibbles Bakehouse in Vernon. So cute!

And to really take the party to the next level, we obviously needed a real life sloth! Huge thanks to Jen, owner of Out of the Cage Pet Mobile for sharing baby Coconut with us!

I mean the sloth is on a stuffed sloth, I can't even handle the epic cuteness!

This party was an absolute blast to decorate for, as well as celebrate! Huge thanks to Philip and his mama for letting us in on his special day!

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