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I Needed a Moment...

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Hi's been a hot minute.

Today is Sunday, April 5, 2020 - I had to check my phone because I literally did not know what the date was.

We have been quarantined for 3 weeks. 3 weeks doesn't seem like a long time in the grand scheme of things.

But for me, it has seemed like an eternity. Don't get me wrong, I am enjoying my children and my time at home with them.

But, guys, this hit me hard. I think the first few days after I officially closed The Tot Spot I was just in shock. I needed something work related, I threw myself into making, marketing and selling the sensory kits.

The second week I went numb. I couldn't yet deal with the fact that I had just closed down the business I had been putting my blood, sweat and tears into for the last year and 5 month young business.

I'm a work-a - holic friends. I need projects, I need timelines, I need goals. I began panic applying to jobs - I don't know how many jobs. If I had any one of the 100 qualifications listed on the job posting - then I sent my resume.

Do not worry, I have every intention of re-opening The Tot Spot once this pandemic subsides. Applying for jobs and looking for purpose was just my way of dealing with some intense emotions.

I'm finally beginning to feel slightly like myself, but the fear of the unknown still shakes me to my core and sometimes mentally paralyzes me. I'm only guessing - but I think many of you can relate to this. How are you coping?

I'm trying to enjoy the stillness, the safety of my home, the security of my family.

I hope my kids look back on this time frame and remember it fondly as one of the best times of their lives. We've definitely had stressful moments, moments when mommy just needed a hot minute to collect herself. But our days have been full of play, walks, and movies. (I realize I have used the term "hot minute" twice so far...there's clearly a Pulitzer in my near future).

We miss seeing everyone at The Tot Spot. I'm sending you and your family love, positive vibes and praying for your health and wellness.

I think one thing I have began to appreciate during this craziness, is how interconnected we all really are, how much we truly depend on each other. And that really is a beautiful thing.

See you soon.

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