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Local Sensory Friendly Events

I have compiled a list of local events and venues that offer Sensory nights and Sensory Events.

1. Wonder Works

The Wonder Works museum located in Destiny Mall holds Sensory nights every 1st Tuesday of the month. Admission cost $10 and the event runs from 4pm-8pm.

The staff at Wonder Wor

ks limits the stimulation that is typically experienced in this venue by lowering the music, turning off the loud exhibits and closing the inversion tunnel.

Here is the link for more details: Wonder Works Sensory Nights

2. The Museum of Science and Technology

On Saturday, July 27 and Saturday September 21 the MOST will be offering "sensory friendly time" from 5:30-7:30 pm. During these times staff will limit the noise, turn off the air compressors, and turn off any flashing lights to allow for a calming environment for everyone to enjoy. The MOST also allows patrons to sign out Sensory Friendly Kits during regular hours at the Science Shop.

Admission to Sensory Friendly Time is free for members and $5.00 for now members.

Here is the link for more details: Sensory Friendly Nights at the MOST

3. Syracuse Stage

The Syracuse Stage hosts sensory friendly performances. During these performances they staff specially trained ushers and volunteers, reduce the lighting on the stage, and increase lighting in the theater to allow for increased vision. They also prepare children, families and other patrons before the performance by providing them with materials to let them know exactly what to expect from seating to the costumes the actors will be wearing. They also provide designated rooms located outside of the theater for children or adults who need to step out.

Here is the link for more details: Syracuse Stage Sensory Friendly Performances

4. The Wild Animal Park

Once in a while, The Wild Animal Park in Chittenango hosts sensory friendly nights. Their next sensory event is scheduled for August 20. They invite children and adults of all abilities to come and enjoy the park and the animals. The staff implements quiet zones around the park and limits noise as much as possible.

Here is the link for more details: The Wild Sensory Friendly Night

Special note: I have reached out to The Palace Theater and Sky Zone regarding any upcoming sensory nights or events. I will update once I hear back.


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